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µOS++ v6.3.10 released

Version v6.3.10 is a new µOS++/CMSIS++ public release that addresses several bugs.

Affected xPacks

Download or update

As of now, the µOS++ code is split between several GitHub projects and needs to be brought together to compose a project. To automate this process, some scripts are available from a separate project.

To update the local copy of the xPacks, use the scripts.git/xpacks-update-repo.sh script.

To experiment with µOS++, please check the demo projects, available from GitHub, and use a similar structure for your projects.

New features


Addressed bugs

  • rtos/os-clocks: after exiting deep sleep, when calling the update_for_slept_time() to update the internal count, the checks that allow timeout processing should also happen here; fixed, internal_check_timestamps() added;
  • memory/first-fit-top: in memory full conditions the allocator risked to allocate past the limit; the problem was identified as a missing end of list initialisation in the initial free list chunk; fixed;
  • startup: preprocessor floating point detection during hardware initialisations used wrong macros; fixed, new tests check __ARM_FP;
  • micro-os-plus-iii-cortexm.git/os-core: the first projects using floating point revealed a problem with the context switching code, which, in certain conditions, did not handle the EXC_RETURN value properly, and the floating point registers were not saved/restored correctly; fixed, now the EXC_RETURN is saved on the thread stack;

Other changes


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