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The project

The µOS++ project was registered on SourceForge in April 2007, and initially ran on AVR8 processors, but later was rewritten from scratch with Cortex-M devices in mind.

For more details, please read the Project history page.


Many thanks to:

  • Dan Maiorescu, for his invaluable support during the design, development and testing;
  • Lix Paulian, for pushing me to complete the implementation of the third edition, and for the invaluable feedback while using it.

Perfekt ist nicht gut genug

Some time ago, while watching a TV documentary about Porsche, I heard this line and I liked it. If this is indeed one of Porsche mottos, then thank you Porsche for it (and for the beautiful designs). (English: “Perfect is not good enough”)

This web site

The first project wiki was created in November 2010 using the SourceForge hosted apps, then it was moved to a separate MediaWiki, and in 2016 the wiki content was migrated to a static Jekyll site.

The author

This project is currently maintained by Liviu Ionescu, a senior IT engineer, with expertise in operating systems, compilers, embedded systems and Internet technologies.

He can be reached at ilg@livius.net (this email address is given for courtesy, for all correspondence related to this plug-in please use the project Support pages).