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µOS++ v6.3.17 released

Version v6.3.17 is a µOS++ maintenance release. The changes are a bug fix and an enhancements.

Affected packages

Download or update

As of now, the µOS++ code is split between several GitHub projects and needs to be brought together to compose a project. To automate this process, some scripts are available from a separate project.

To update the local copy of the xPacks, use the scripts.git/xpacks-update-repo.sh script.

To experiment with µOS++, please check the demo projects, available from GitHub, and use a similar structure for your projects.

New features

  • none

Addressed bugs

  • [#76]: LWIP redefines sa_family_t and struct sockaddr; add preprocessor macros to skip the local definitions.

Other changes

  • [#75]: clearing members in destructors is not possible, due to GCC dead store elimination optimisation; revert to BSS init.

Known problems

  • the header files are still located below a cmsis-plus folder; to be replaced by micro-os-plus in a future major release.
  • the file_descriptors_manager class is not yet synchronised