µOS++ v6.3.17 released

µOS++ v7.0.0 released

Version v7.0.0 is a new µOS++ major release. It represents an important milestone, being the first release that includes extensive tests running in scriptable CI environments, and CMake support.

The main functional changes are several updates required to avoid warnings with the new toolchains.

Updated packages


As a source code library, µOS++ can be integrated into another project in the traditional way, by either copying the relevant files into the target project, or by linking the relevant project as Git submodules.

However, the workflow can be further automated and the most convenient way is to add it as a dependency to the project via xpm. For details, please see the project README file.

New features

  • [#78]: there was no support to clear the statistics; add a clear() method to thread statistics and to the scheduler
  • [#79]: identifying the thread which issued an assert was difficult; add the this_thread address and name when displaying the assert error
  • [#81]: thread reuse via placement new was error prone; add a thread attribute to check if the thread constructor is called only after destroy

Addressed bugs

  • [#82]: GCC 12 spotted a name clash between the file_system() method and the class; the method was renamed to get_file_system()
  • [#83]: GCC 12 spotted a name clash between the unscoped enum socket definition and the top definition; the definition was changed to a scoped enum class

Note: although minor, those were both breaking changes, which according to semver rules, required to increase the version major number.

Other changes

  • [#77]: the arm-none-eabi-gcc 12 complains about some new warnings; silenced
  • [#80]: in a normal use case, during thread destruction, there was an already gone debug message; fixed, do not call kill() in the destructor if it was already called explicitly
  • [#84]: the stack underflow condition was tested only when asserts were enabled; fixed, the condition is always tested and abort() is invoked if necessary


  • a CMakeLists.txt file was added to each project, providing a convenient way to integrate them in projects built with CMake

Known problems

  • the header files are still located below a cmsis-plus folder; to be replaced by micro-os-plus in a future major release
  • the file_descriptors_manager class is not yet synchronised

Future developments

This will hopefully be the final release of µOS++ in the current monolithic structure (IIIe). Work on the next version (IVe) is already under way; the main change will be the migration to a modular structure, based on xPacks.