µOS++ IIIe Reference  v6.3.15
“Perfekt ist nicht gut genug”
The third edition of µOS++, a POSIX inspired open source system, written in C++.
Change log


Records in reverse chronological order.

v6.3.15 2018-11-19

  • [#47] stack::available() comment (size in bytes)
  • [#46]: protected mutex, do not keep ownership if error
  • [#45]: rtos/os-core.cpp: check locked()

v6.3.14 2018-07-04

  • [#44] os_main.cpp: add os_main_thread cast
  • [#35] add missing _fini()
  • [#17] fix _LITE_EXIT redefinition
  • rtos/thread: unlock dangling mutexes
  • add support for Chan FatFS to the POSIX I/O layer
  • add file_descriptors_manager::used() to tell how many file descriptors are used
  • [#41] add nonstandard timegm(), as the opposite of gmtime()
  • implement alignment in memory allocators
  • [#40] posix: add statvfs()/fstatvfs()
  • [#36] posix: add tcdrain()/tcflush()/tcgetattr()/tcsendbreak()/ tcgetattr() to POSIX aliases
  • [#29] add thread top try/catch for exceptions; support for C++ exceptions was tested and is now available
  • [#20] add sys/ioctl.h

v6.3.13 2017-08-26

v6.3.12 2017-08-24

  • [#13] Fix typo (aquire -> acquire)
  • [#13] fix typos in documentation
  • replace most CMSIS++ references by µOS++

v6.3.11 2017-01-02

  • os-mqueue.cpp: remove wrong assert from *_receive()
  • cortexm/os-core.cpp: setMSP() with uint32_t* volatile vectors_addr
  • cortexm/os-core.cpp: align thread stack to 8 byte boundary
  • cortexm/os-core.cpp: assert both thread stack and MSP aligned

v6.3.10 2016-11-27

  • os-clocks: check timestamps to trigger timer actions after deep sleep
  • first-fit-top: fix free list chunk init
  • startup/initialize-hardware.c: use __ARM_FP instead of __VFP_FP__
  • micro-os-plus-iii-cortexm.git/os-core: fix PendSV stack frame for FP
  • micro-os-plus-iii-cortexm.git/os-core: fix setMSP() optimisation bug

v6.3.9 2016-10-13

  • assert stack size > min_size_bytes_
  • diag/trace.cpp: puts() accepts empty string
  • rtos/os-main.cpp: display interrupts stack size
  • rtos/os-clock: add update_for_slept_time()
  • rename tests -> test
  • reorganise test with subfolders
  • rework xpack.json (rename to µOS++ IIIe)

v6.3.8 2016-10-05

  • refine thread user storage support, available only when OS_INCLUDE_RTOS_CUSTOM_THREAD_USER_STORAGE
  • startup: temporarily disable weak os_startup_initialize_hardware()
  • rename startup.c -> startup.cpp to be able to call C++ code, like the code to initialise the main stack
  • os-c-wrapper: fix object creation return values
  • idle thread: use separate os_rtos_idle_actions ()
  • integrate posix-io & posix-driver git subtrees
  • rename folder cmsis-plus/drivers -> cmsis-plus/driver (singular)
  • update posix-io & posix-driver to all lower case naming convention
  • add separate utils, with generic utility code, like lists
  • automate char device registry by using lists; no more need to manually add/remove devices

v6.3.7 2016-09-14

  • always include assert_failed() (used by STM HAL)
  • for ARMv7-M, in default handlers use BKPT(0) only if C_DEBUGEN is enabled, to prevent crashes when not connected to debugger
  • add os_rtos_idle_enter_power_saving_mode_hook()
  • rename include folder cmsis-plus/iso -> cmsis-plus/estd
  • add memory resource manager first-fit-top for variable size allocations
  • add memory resource manager lifo for one-time allocations
  • add memory resource manager null to completely disable dynamic allocations
  • add os_startup_initialize_free_store() to initialise the application free store
  • if OS_INTEGER_RTOS_DYNAMIC_MEMORY_SIZE_BYTES is defined, optionally initialise a separate RTOS system allocation area and class specific pools
  • adjust _sbrk() to acknowledge all available RAM is used
  • refurbish C malloc & C++ new/delete to be thread safe and use the memory resource manager
  • for bare bone, if dynamic memory is not used, the default manager is null_resource
  • for POSIX, the default is malloc_resource
  • the standard definitions were moved to the C++17-like estd::pmr namespace
  • estd::malloc() is no longer needed and was removed, the standard malloc() is now thread safe
  • a C API was added for memory resources
  • add statistics to memory_resource
  • rename C API _create -> _construct, _destroy -> _destruct (add compatibility macros for the old names)
  • to make use of the system allocator in system classes, add custom new/delete operators to class object_named_system, and use it as base for all system objects
  • add rtos::make_shared<> to use the system allocator (experimental, to be further refined with thread safe)
  • for Cortex-M, manage the interrupts stack via the thread::stack class; initialise interrupts stack with pattern and check the bottom marker in the idle thread
  • add os_irq_get_stack() to the C API
  • add os_terminate_goodbye() to display memory usage statistics
  • refubish the exit code to avoid crashes when building freestanding apps
  • rename os_initialize_args() -> os_startup_initialize_args()
  • rename os_initialize_hardware_early() -> os_startup_initialize_hardware_early()
  • rename os_initialize_hardware() -> os_startup_initialize_hardware()
  • add out of memory hooks to memory managers
  • add os_terminate() as a portable function to terminate the application (implemented as reset on Cortex-M)
  • add the block_pool class to manage pools of memory blocks
  • add block_pool_typed_allocated and block_pool_typed_inclusive templates
  • add first_fit_top_allocated and first_fit_top_inclusive templates
  • add lifo_allocated and lifo_inclusive templates
  • add os_startup_create_thread_idle() as weak
  • add OS_INTEGER_RTOS_ALLOC_MUTEX_POOL_SIZE and similar, to create pools of storage for system objects
  • rename thread_static<> -> thread_inclusive<>
  • rename memory_pool_static<> -> memory_pool_inclusive<>
  • rename message_queue_static<> -> message_queue_inclusive<>

Problematic incompatible changes

Experience proved that one of the above changes was trickier than planned: the rename of the os_startup_initialize_hardware(), since without the renamed function the linker used the weak version of this function. To help developers, the weak definition was temporarily disabled, so if this function was not yet renamed in the application, the linker will complain.

v6.3.6 2016-08-07

  • move lists to internal::
  • rename named_object -> internal::object_named
  • rename clocked_attributes -> internal::attribute_clocked
  • rename Allocator -> allocator_type
  • add thread::priority_inherited(), thread::priority_inherited(int)
  • make thread::priority() public
  • reimplement POSIX mutex inheritance
  • implement POSIX robust mutexes
  • make default mutex inheritable
  • add class mutex_recursive
  • prefix protected functions with internal_

v6.3.5 2016-07-31

  • refurbish scheduler lock(), unlock(), locked(state_t)
  • rename os_irq_status_t -> os_irq_state_t
  • rename interrupts::status_t -> interrupts::state_t
  • flags clear() no longer accept 0 mask; use flags::all
  • add mutex accessors type(), protocol(), robustness()
  • add class double_list_iterator; use it in waiting_threads_list
  • rename timer::periodic_attributes -> timer::attributes_periodic
  • add internal::event_flags; not public.

v6.3.4 2016-07-21

  • rtos/os-semaphore: remove defaults, initial value must be explicitly specified
  • doxy: re-enable Operators section
  • rtos/os-mutex: add consistent_ & recoverable_ flags; not yet fully functional
  • rename recursive_attributes -> attributes_recursive
  • rename recursive_initializer -> initializer_recursive
  • rename normal_initializer -> initializer_normal
  • rename os_mutex_attr_init_recursive() -> os_mutex_attr_recursive_init()
  • rtos: add scheduler::preemptive() & scheduler::preemptive(bool)
  • add os_sched_is_preemptive() & os_sched_set_preemptive().

v6.3.3 2016-07-11

v6.3.2 2016-07-11

v6.3.1 2016-07-10

v6.2.1 2016-06-21

First fully functional reference implementation. The C and C++ APIs were completely refurbished and use all lower case letters.

Changes, in reverse chronological order:

  • C API updated, with complete reference manual
  • rename header <cmsis-plus/os-app-config.h>
  • support for SEGGER RTT added
  • thread statistics (context switches & cpu cycles)
  • high resolution clock added
  • add iterators to get thread children
  • add iterators to C API
  • implement intrusive lists for threads
  • check stack overflow with each context switch
  • update the ISO C++ API & add to tests
  • templates for static allocation
  • complete refurbish of C++ API to use embedded classes instead of namespaces
  • add explicit object names to all objects constructors
  • update all to lower case
  • add new_delete_allocator
  • prefix all init functions with os_
  • many other, too many to mention, inherent for first versions...

v0.1.1 2016-03-11