Development environment - DEPRECATED

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My main development environment is based on OS X (currently at 10.8).

 ilg-mbp:~ ilg$ cd My\ Files/MacBookPro\ Projects/uOS
 ilg-mbp:uOS ilg$

Here it is the main project repository micro-os-plus-se.git and a link to the xcdl-python.git repository.

Running the tests can be done with the command already shown in the How to test page..


For running the tests on GNU/Linux, I have several virtual machines, running on Parallels Desktop.

Since the OS X environment is much more convenient than any GNU/Linux GUI, for running the tests I prefer to start Ubuntu faceless (well, a minimised Parallels window) and just SSH into it.

Also, since I already have the full source repositories on OS X and my Home folder is already available to guest virtual machines as a standard mount point, it is more convenient to use it directly instead of cloning local repositories.

Running the tests can be done with the commands already shown in the How to tests page.

Ubuntu 13.10 x64

ilg-mbp:~ ilg$ ssh ilg-ud1304x64-uos.local
ilg@ilg-ud1304x64-uos.local's password:
Welcome to Ubuntu 13.04 (GNU/Linux 3.8.0-26-generic x86_64)
ilg@ilg-ud1304x64-uos:~$ cd /media/psf/Home/My\ Files/MacBookPro\ Projects/uOS
ilg@ilg-ud1304x64-uos:/media/psf/Home/My Files/MacBookPro Projects/uOS$ ...