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Several samples are provided:

  • the ‘minimal’ sample is the simplest code and does… nothing;
  • ‘blinkX3’ shows how to run 3 instances of the same task to blink 3 different leds with different blink rates;
  • ‘blinkX3Sync’ defines 4 different tasks and shows some simple task synchronization methods;
  • ‘blinkPitpalac’ shows how to implement a progressive blinking LED;
  • ‘calibrateBustWait’ allows calibration of constants used in busyWait();
  • mutexStress’ shows several tasks using the same resource protected by a mutex;

More advanced samples, using special hardware:

  • ‘cliX2’ shows how to run two instances of a simple CLI process on both the USART port and the USB port, emulating a serial port (CDC);
  • ‘sdcard’ shows how to read data from a MMC/SD Card;
  • ‘sdi12sensor’ sample shows how to build a SDI-12 sensor.