Recommended preferences - DEPRECATED

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THese are my current preferences. The recommended preferences are similar, at least be sure you mark all edits as minor and add most of the pages to your watchlist.

User profile

  • Signature: [[/User:ilg-ul Liviu Ionescu]]
  • Enable Treat signature as wikitext
  • E-mail: check all e-mail notifications


  • Select: HTML if very simple or else PNG

Date and Time

  • Date format: 16:12, January 15, 2001
  • Time zone: Bucharest


  • Enable Enable section editing via [edit] links
  • Enable Show edit toolbar (requires JavaScript)
  • Enable Show preview before edit box
  • Enable Mark all edits minor by default

Recent changes

  • Days to show in recent changes: 7
  • Number of edits to show in recent changes, page histories, and in logs, by default: 50
  • Enable Hide minor edits in recent changes
  • Enable Use enhanced recent changes (requires JavaScript)


  • Enable Add pages I create to my watchlist
  • Enable Add pages I edit to my watchlist
  • Enable Add pages I delete to my watchlist


  • Enable Format broken links like this
  • Enable Show table of contents (for pages with more than 3 headings)
  • Enable Remember my login on this computer
  • Enable Enable “jump to” accessibility links
  • Enable Show hidden categories