How to install Eclipse SVN - DEPRECATED

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The SVN client provides Eclipse a way to use the SVN repository. For µOS++ versions later than spring 2012, SVN support is no longer mandatory, install it only if you need to acces your own repositories.

SVN Team Provider

Polarion contributed the main code to Eclipse, and from 3.6 it is available in the standard distribution, it just needs to be installed.

Eclipse menu: HelpInstall New Software

  • Work with: Helios
  • Expand Collaboration
  • select Subversive SVN Team Provider (Incubation)
  • click the Next button

SVN Connectors

As it is organised now, the Team Provider code uses some separate connectors to access the SVN. Polarion provided an automated Connector Discovery page, that pops up after installing the Team Provider.

This page is also reachable at

Eclipse menu: WindowPreferencesTeamSVN

Usually the portable SVNKit connector is the best choice. On my setup, SVNKit 1.3.2 worked just fine, allowing access to SVN 1.6.

As of Jan. 2010, the automated Connector Discovery procedure fails, and the alternative is to install manually from Polarion Helios Site

Eclipse menu: HelpInstall New Software

SVN Configuration Check

Since a functional SVN configuration is mandatory for using the latest repository versions, we recommend a configuration check.

Eclipse menu: WindowPreferencesTeam

  • if there is no SVN entry below, go back to SVN Team Provider
  • if there is a SVN entry; click on it
    • the right window should change to SVN configuration, with multiple tabs
    • select the SVN Connector tab
    • check if the SVNKit 1.3.2 connector is selected
    • if the SVN Connector field is empty, go back to SVN Connectors