µOS++ v6.3.14 released First µOS++ scriptable build

µOS++ v6.3.15 released

Version v6.3.15 is a µOS++ maintenance release. The main changes are several bug fixes.

Affected packages

Download or update

As of now, the µOS++ code is split between several GitHub projects and needs to be brought together to compose a project. To automate this process, some scripts are available from a separate project.

To update the local copy of the xPacks, use the scripts.git/xpacks-update-repo.sh script.

To experiment with µOS++, please check the demo projects, available from GitHub, and use a similar structure for your projects.

New features

  • none

Addressed bugs

  • [#45]: in certain conditions, after locking the scheduler, although new PendSV were no longer issued, if the ready queue already contained other entries, they were still scheduled, breaking the interdiction set by the lock; an additional check was added to internal_switch_threads() in rtos/os-core.cpp, to guarantee that threads are not switched while the scheduler is locked.
  • [#46]: in certain conditions, if a lock to a protected mutex failed with an error, the ownership was still preserved; fixed.

Other changes

  • [#47]: the documentation for stack::available() mentioned the returned value to be in words; actually the value is in bytes; corrected.

Known problems

  • the header files are still located below a cmsis-plus folder; to be replaced by micro-os-plus in a future major release.
  • the file_descriptors_manager class is not yet synchronised