µOS++ v6.3.11 released µOS++ v6.3.14 released

µOS++ v6.3.13 released

Version v6.3.13 is a µOS++ maintenance release.

Affected xPacks

Download or update

As of now, the µOS++ code is split between several GitHub projects and needs to be brought together to compose a project. To automate this process, some scripts are available from a separate project.

To update the local copy of the xPacks, use the scripts.git/xpacks-update-repo.sh script.

To experiment with µOS++, please check the demo projects, available from GitHub, and use a similar structure for your projects.

New features

  • __posix_gettimeofday() implemented; it calls rtclock.now ()
  • header <cmsis-plus/posix/termios.h> added
  • class os::posix::tty added with tty attributes support

Addressed bugs


Other changes

  • several typos in the documentation were fixed
  • references to CMSIS++ were replaced by references to µOS++.

Known problems