µOS++ IIIe Reference  v6.3.15
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The third edition of µOS++, a POSIX inspired open source system, written in C++.
os_mutex_attr_s Struct Reference

Mutex attributes. More...

#include <cmsis-plus/rtos/os-c-api.h>

Public Attributes

void * clock
 Pointer to clock object instance. More...
os_mutex_count_t mx_max_count
 Recursive mutex max count. More...
os_thread_prio_t mx_priority_ceiling
 Mutex priority ceiling. More...
os_mutex_protocol_t mx_protocol
 Mutex protocol. More...
os_mutex_robustness_t mx_robustness
 Mutex robustness. More...
os_mutex_type_t mx_type
 Mutex type. More...

Detailed Description

Mutex attributes.

Initialise this structure with os_mutex_attr_init() and then set any of the individual members directly.

See also

Definition at line 899 of file os-c-decls.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ clock

void* os_mutex_attr_s::clock

Pointer to clock object instance.

Definition at line 904 of file os-c-decls.h.

◆ mx_max_count

os_mutex_count_t os_mutex_attr_s::mx_max_count

Recursive mutex max count.

Definition at line 929 of file os-c-decls.h.

◆ mx_priority_ceiling

os_thread_prio_t os_mutex_attr_s::mx_priority_ceiling

Mutex priority ceiling.

Definition at line 909 of file os-c-decls.h.

◆ mx_protocol

os_mutex_protocol_t os_mutex_attr_s::mx_protocol

Mutex protocol.

Definition at line 914 of file os-c-decls.h.

◆ mx_robustness

os_mutex_robustness_t os_mutex_attr_s::mx_robustness

Mutex robustness.

Definition at line 919 of file os-c-decls.h.

◆ mx_type

os_mutex_type_t os_mutex_attr_s::mx_type

Mutex type.

Definition at line 924 of file os-c-decls.h.

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