µOS++ IIIe Reference  v6.3.15
“Perfekt ist nicht gut genug”
The third edition of µOS++, a POSIX inspired open source system, written in C++.
os-c-decls.h File Reference
#include <cmsis-plus/os-versions.h>
#include <cmsis-plus/os-app-config.h>
#include <cmsis-plus/rtos/port/os-decls.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

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struct  os_clock_node_s
struct  os_clock_s
 Clock object storage. More...
struct  os_condvar_attr_s
 Condition variable attributes. More...
struct  os_condvar_s
 Condition variable object storage. More...
struct  os_evflags_attr_s
 Event flags attributes. More...
struct  os_evflags_s
 Event flags object storage. More...
struct  os_internal_clock_timestamps_list_s
struct  os_internal_double_list_links_s
struct  os_internal_evflags_s
 Internal event flags. More...
struct  os_internal_thread_children_list_s
struct  os_internal_waiting_thread_node_s
struct  os_memory_s
 Memory resource object storage. More...
struct  os_mempool_attr_s
 Memory pool attributes. More...
struct  os_mempool_s
 Memory pool object storage. More...
struct  os_mqueue_attr_s
 Message queue attributes. More...
struct  os_mqueue_s
 Message queue object storage. More...
struct  os_mutex_attr_s
 Mutex attributes. More...
struct  os_mutex_s
 Mutex object storage. More...
struct  os_semaphore_attr_s
 Semaphore attributes. More...
struct  os_semaphore_s
 Semaphore object storage. More...
struct  os_thread_attr_s
 Thread attributes. More...
struct  os_thread_context_s
 Thread context. More...
struct  os_thread_s
 Thread object storage. More...
struct  os_thread_stack_s
 Thread stack. More...
struct  os_thread_statistics_s
 Thread statistics. More...
struct  os_timer_attr_s
 Timer attributes. More...
struct  os_timer_s
 Timer object storage. More...


#define os_flags_all   0xFFFFFFFF
#define os_flags_any   0
 Special mask to represent any flag. More...
#define OS_THREAD_PRIO_SHIFT   (4)


typedef os_port_clock_duration_t os_clock_duration_t
 Type of variables holding clock durations. More...
typedef os_port_clock_offset_t os_clock_offset_t
 Type of variables holding clock offsets. More...
typedef struct os_clock_s os_clock_t
 Clock object storage. More...
typedef os_port_clock_timestamp_t os_clock_timestamp_t
 Type of variables holding clock time stamps. More...
typedef struct os_condvar_attr_s os_condvar_attr_t
 Condition variable attributes. More...
typedef struct os_condvar_s os_condvar_t
 Condition variable object storage. More...
typedef struct os_evflags_attr_s os_evflags_attr_t
 Event flags attributes. More...
typedef struct os_evflags_s os_evflags_t
 Event flags object storage. More...
typedef uint32_t os_flags_mask_t
 Type of variables holding flags masks. More...
typedef uint32_t os_flags_mode_t
 Type of variables holding flags modes. More...
typedef struct os_clock_node_s os_internal_clock_timer_node_t
typedef struct os_internal_clock_timestamps_list_s os_internal_clock_timestamps_list_t
typedef struct os_internal_double_list_links_s os_internal_double_list_links_t
typedef struct os_internal_evflags_s os_internal_evflags_t
 Internal event flags. More...
typedef struct os_internal_thread_children_list_s os_internal_thread_children_list_t
typedef os_internal_double_list_links_t os_internal_threads_waiting_list_t
typedef struct os_internal_waiting_thread_node_s os_internal_waiting_thread_node_t
typedef os_port_irq_state_t os_irq_state_t
 Type of variables holding interrupts priority values. More...
typedef void * os_iterator_t
 Generic iterator, implemented as a pointer. More...
typedef struct os_memory_s os_memory_t
 Memory resource object storage. More...
typedef struct os_mempool_attr_s os_mempool_attr_t
 Memory pool attributes. More...
typedef uint16_t os_mempool_size_t
typedef struct os_mempool_s os_mempool_t
 Memory pool object storage. More...
typedef struct os_mqueue_attr_s os_mqueue_attr_t
 Message queue attributes. More...
typedef os_mqueue_size_t os_mqueue_index_t
typedef uint16_t os_mqueue_msg_size_t
typedef uint8_t os_mqueue_prio_t
 Type of variables holding message queue priorities. More...
typedef uint8_t os_mqueue_size_t
typedef struct os_mqueue_s os_mqueue_t
 Message queue object storage. More...
typedef struct os_mutex_attr_s os_mutex_attr_t
 Mutex attributes. More...
typedef int16_t os_mutex_count_t
typedef uint8_t os_mutex_protocol_t
typedef uint8_t os_mutex_robustness_t
typedef struct os_mutex_s os_mutex_t
 Mutex object storage. More...
typedef uint8_t os_mutex_type_t
typedef uint32_t os_result_t
 Type of values returned by RTOS functions. More...
typedef os_port_scheduler_state_t os_sched_state_t
 Type of variables holding scheduler state codes. More...
typedef struct os_semaphore_attr_s os_semaphore_attr_t
 Semaphore attributes. More...
typedef int16_t os_semaphore_count_t
 Type of variables holding semaphore counts. More...
typedef struct os_semaphore_s os_semaphore_t
 Semaphore object storage. More...
typedef uint64_t os_statistics_counter_t
 Type of variables holding context switches counters. More...
typedef uint64_t os_statistics_duration_t
 Type of variables holding durations in CPU cycles. More...
typedef struct os_thread_attr_s os_thread_attr_t
 Thread attributes. More...
typedef struct os_thread_context_s os_thread_context_t
 Thread context. More...
typedef void * os_thread_func_args_t
 Type of thread function arguments. More...
typedef void *(* os_thread_func_t) (os_thread_func_args_t args)
 Type of thread function. More...
typedef uint8_t os_thread_prio_t
 Type of variables holding thread priorities. More...
typedef os_port_thread_stack_allocation_element_t os_thread_stack_allocation_element_t
 Type of variables holding aligned stack elements. More...
typedef os_port_thread_stack_element_t os_thread_stack_element_t
 Type of variables holding stack words. More...
typedef struct os_thread_stack_s os_thread_stack_t
 Thread stack. More...
typedef uint8_t os_thread_state_t
 Type of variables holding thread states. More...
typedef struct os_thread_statistics_s os_thread_statistics_t
 Thread statistics. More...
typedef struct os_thread_s os_thread_t
 Thread object storage. More...
typedef struct os_timer_attr_s os_timer_attr_t
 Timer attributes. More...
typedef void * os_timer_func_args_t
 Type of timer function arguments. More...
typedef void(* os_timer_func_t) (os_timer_func_args_t args)
 Type of timer function. More...
typedef uint8_t os_timer_state_t
 Type of variables holding timer states. More...
typedef struct os_timer_s os_timer_t
 Timer object storage. More...
typedef uint8_t os_timer_type_t
 Type of variables holding timer types. More...


enum  {
  os_flags_mode_all = 1,
  os_flags_mode_any = 2,
  os_flags_mode_clear = 4
 Bits used to specify the flags modes. More...
enum  {
  os_thread_priority_none = 0,
  os_thread_priority_idle = (1 << (4) ),
  os_thread_priority_lowest = (2 << (4) ),
  os_thread_priority_low = (2 << (4) ),
  os_thread_priority_below_normal = (4 << (4) ),
  os_thread_priority_normal = (6 << (4) ),
  os_thread_priority_above_normal = (8 << (4) ),
  os_thread_priority_high = (10 << (4) ),
  os_thread_priority_realtime = (12 << (4) ),
  os_thread_priority_highest = (((13 + 1) << (4) ) - 1),
  os_thread_priority_isr = (((14 + 1) << (4) ) - 1),
  os_thread_priority_error = (((15 + 1) << (4) ) - 1)
 Thread priorities; intermediate values are also possible. More...
enum  {
  os_thread_state_undefined = 0,
  os_thread_state_ready = 1,
  os_thread_state_running = 2,
  os_thread_state_suspended = 3,
  os_thread_state_terminated = 4,
  os_thread_state_destroyed = 5
 An enumeration with all possible thread states. More...
enum  {
  os_timer_once = 0,
  os_timer_periodic = 1
 An enumeration with the timer types. More...
enum  {
  os_mutex_protocol_none = 0,
  os_mutex_protocol_inherit = 1,
  os_mutex_protocol_protect = 2,
  os_mutex_protocol_default = os_mutex_protocol_inherit
 An enumeration with mutex protocols. More...
enum  {
  os_mutex_robustness_stalled = 0,
  os_mutex_robustness_robust = 1,
  os_mutex_robustness_default = os_mutex_robustness_stalled
 An enumeration with mutex robustness. More...
enum  {
  os_mutex_type_normal = 0,
  os_mutex_type_errorcheck = 1,
  os_mutex_type_recursive = 2,
  os_mutex_type_default = os_mutex_type_normal
 An enumeration with mutex types. More...


Clock handlers
void os_systick_handler (void)
 SysTick interrupt handler. More...
void os_rtc_handler (void)
 RTC interrupt handler. More...

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#define OS_THREAD_PRIO_SHIFT   (4)

Definition at line 261 of file os-c-decls.h.


◆ os_internal_clock_timer_node_t

◆ os_internal_clock_timestamps_list_t

◆ os_internal_double_list_links_t

◆ os_internal_evflags_t

Internal event flags.

See also

◆ os_internal_thread_children_list_t

◆ os_internal_threads_waiting_list_t

◆ os_internal_waiting_thread_node_t

◆ os_mempool_size_t

typedef uint16_t os_mempool_size_t

Definition at line 1145 of file os-c-decls.h.

◆ os_mqueue_index_t

Definition at line 1245 of file os-c-decls.h.

◆ os_mqueue_msg_size_t

typedef uint16_t os_mqueue_msg_size_t

Definition at line 1244 of file os-c-decls.h.

◆ os_mqueue_size_t

typedef uint8_t os_mqueue_size_t

Definition at line 1241 of file os-c-decls.h.

◆ os_mutex_count_t

typedef int16_t os_mutex_count_t

Definition at line 797 of file os-c-decls.h.

◆ os_mutex_protocol_t

typedef uint8_t os_mutex_protocol_t

Definition at line 799 of file os-c-decls.h.

◆ os_mutex_robustness_t

typedef uint8_t os_mutex_robustness_t

Definition at line 800 of file os-c-decls.h.

◆ os_mutex_type_t

typedef uint8_t os_mutex_type_t

Definition at line 798 of file os-c-decls.h.