µOS++ IIIe / CMSIS++ / POSIX++ Reference  v6.3.11
“Perfekt ist nicht gut genug”
The third edition of µOS++ and CMSIS++, a proposal for the next generation CMSIS, written in C++.
os::rtos::flags::mode Namespace Reference

Flags modes. More...


enum  : mode_t {
  all = 1,
  any = 2,
  clear = 4
 Bits used to specify the flags modes. More...

Detailed Description

Flags modes.

Container for generic flags enumerations.

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum : mode_t

Bits used to specify the flags modes.


Return when all flags are set.


Return when at least one flag is set.


Ask for flags to be cleared after read.

Definition at line 300 of file os-decls.h.