µOS++ IIIe Reference  v6.3.13
“Perfekt ist nicht gut genug”
The third edition of µOS++, a POSIX inspired open source system, written in C++.
Here is a list of all modules:
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 µOS++ CoreµOS++ Core summary page
 µOS++ StartupµOS++ Startup summary page
 µOS++ RTOS C++ APIµOS++ RTOS C++ API summary page
 Core & schedulerC++ API scheduler definitions
 ThreadsC++ API threads definitions
 ClocksC++ API clocks definitions
 Condition variablesC++ API condition variables definitions
 Event flagsC++ API event flags definitions
 Memory poolsC++ API memory pools definitions
 Message queuesC++ API message queues definitions
 MutexesC++ API mutexes definitions
 SemaphoresC++ API semaphores definitions
 TimersC++ API timers definitions
 Memory managementC++ API memory management definitions
 µOS++ RTOS C APIµOS++ RTOS C API summary page
 Core & schedulerC API core & scheduler definitions
 ThreadsC API thread definitions
 ClocksC API clocks definitions
 Condition variablesC API condition variable definitions
 Event flagsC API event flags definitions
 Memory poolsC API memory pool definitions
 Message queuesC API message queue definitions
 MutexesC API mutex definitions
 SemaphoresC API semaphore definitions
 TimersC API timer definitions
 Memory managementC API memory management definitions
 µOS++ ISO Standard C++ ThreadsµOS++ ISO Threads summary page
 µOS++ DriversµOS++ Drivers summary page
 µOS++ Diagnostics & TraceµOS++ Diagnostic & Trace summary page
 µOS++ POSIX I/O C++ APIµOS++ POSIX I/O C++ API summary page
 Basic classesµOS++ POSIX I/O C++ basic classes
 FunctionsµOS++ POSIX I/O C++ functions
 Driver classesµOS++ POSIX I/O C++ drivers
 Utility classesµOS++ POSIX I/O C++ utilites
 µOS++ POSIX I/O C APIµOS++ POSIX I/O C API summary page
 µOS++ Application ConfigµOS++ application configuration definitions
 Command Line OptionsDefinitions passed via the compiler command line
 Start-up & General OptionsDefinitions used to configure the program start-up
 Memory Management OptionsDefinitions used to configure the memory management features
 Library OptionsDefinitions used to configure various library options
 RTOS OptionsDefinitions used to configure the RTOS
 Trace OptionsDefinitions used to configure the trace channel
 Custom RTOS OptionsDefinitions used to select various custom RTOS port implementations
 µOS++ Application Overrides & HooksµOS++ application customisable functions and hooks
 UtilitiesApplication utility classes and functions