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os::estd::thread::id Class Reference

Thread unique id. More...

Public Member Functions

 id (const id &)=default
 ~id ()=default
idoperator= (const id &)=default
 id () noexcept
 id (native_handle_type system_thread) noexcept

Private Attributes

native_handle_type native_thread_


bool operator< (thread::id x, thread::id y) noexcept
bool operator== (thread::id x, thread::id y) noexcept
struct std::hash< thread::id >
class thread

Detailed Description

Thread unique id.

An object of type thread::id provides a unique identifier for each thread of execution and a single distinct value for all thread objects that do not represent a thread of execution (33.3.2). Each thread of execution has an associated thread::id object that is not equal to the thread::id object of any other thread of execution and that is not equal to the thread::id object of any thread object that does not represent threads of execution.

thread::id shall be a trivially copyable class (Clause 12). The library may reuse the value of a thread::id of a terminated thread that can no longer be joined.

Definition at line 69 of file thread.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ id() [1/3]

thread::id::id ( )

Definition at line 295 of file thread.

◆ id() [2/3]

thread::id::id ( native_handle_type  system_thread)

Definition at line 302 of file thread.

◆ id() [3/3]

os::estd::thread::id::id ( const id )

◆ ~id()

os::estd::thread::id::~id ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

id& os::estd::thread::id::operator= ( const id )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<

bool operator< ( thread::id  x,
thread::id  y 

Definition at line 269 of file thread.

◆ operator==

bool operator== ( thread::id  x,
thread::id  y 

Definition at line 257 of file thread.

◆ std::hash< thread::id >

friend struct std::hash< thread::id >

Definition at line 86 of file thread.

◆ thread

friend class thread

Definition at line 85 of file thread.

Member Data Documentation

◆ native_thread_

native_handle_type os::estd::thread::id::native_thread_

Definition at line 96 of file thread.

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